Safety Element

The Safety Element is one of seven General Plan elements required by the State of California. This document provides the City of Montebello with background information on hazards and public safety services, and establishes goals, policy direction, and implementation measures intended to limit the community’s exposure to a range of hazards. This element is a comprehensive update and merging of the 1975 Safety Element and Seismic Safety Element, incorporating the latest available information from local, state, and federal sources regarding public safety and hazards. This element includes:

• A discussion of seismic and geologic hazards, including surface rupture and ground shaking resulting from earthquakes, liquefaction, landslides, and soil settlement and expansion.

• A discussion of hazardous materials impacts, with a focus on identifying and minimizing risks associated with oil production, storage, and transportation activities.

• An evaluation of other hazards, including fires, flooding, dam failure, and evacuation routes.

• Background information on existing and planned police, fire, and medical services serving the City.

• Goals, policies, and implementation measures that provide direction and guidance for the City of Montebello to minimize impacts resulting from hazards over future decades.

Like all General Plan elements, the Safety Element serves as a long-range planning document. The planning period for this document is through 2030.



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